Mark your calendars

Starfest 2018 will be held August 9th to 12th


The North York Astronomical Association invites you to attend its annual star party

Starfest presents “Fire & Ice”


Starfest is recognized as one of the world's top 10
star parties!

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Registration prices are the same as in 2016!

From fiery cauldrons to the most inhospitable frozen regions of our universe, Starfest 2017 explores ‘Fire and Ice’.  Our keynote speaker, NASA’s ‘Mr. Eclipse’ himself, Fred Espenak, highlights the 2017 Great American Total Solar Eclipse.  Then, discover ice on Mercury, Mars, and the Moon and see how it can be used to advance human exploration.  Celebrate the success of Cassini with stunning images, unprecedented in detail and its many discoveries that have changed our view of the solar system.  Explore the most promising places in the universe in updates from SETI’s search for extraterrestrial life.  Follow the journey of daring sun-grazing comets.  See incredible images in an awe inspiring tour of the universe.

Get ready for the solar eclipse and make your own solar filters for your binoculars or telescopes at our workshop.  Improve your astrophotography skills and learn new techniques using microcomputers and other cool gizmos.  Visit the ATM Forum to learn modern techniques to grind your own Newtonian mirror, whether you are an experienced amateur telescope maker or just beginning in the hobby.

When did your passion for astronomy begin?  Hear the story of how one young boy’s passion for astronomy inspired him to join his local amateur astronomy club and on to a very successful career in astrophysics and even to the last round of astronaut selections for the European Space Agency.

You won’t want to miss this exciting Starfest experience!  Come and join your fellow astronomy enthusiasts for this outstanding weekend under the stars!

Starfest campground

Starfest is Canada’s largest annual amateur astronomy conference and star party attracting hundreds of astronomy enthusiasts from Ontario, neighbouring provinces and the USA.  It has been ranked among the top star parties in North America by Sky and Telescope magazine.

Starfest offers a variety of observing-oriented activities that address the needs and interests of experienced observers and astrophotographers, as well as those new to the hobby.  Activities include observing sessions, guided sky tour at night, presentations by outstanding leading-edge speakers, workshops, children’s activities and commercial exhibits with vendors on-site to explain how their products work with hands-on displays.

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Starfest is a camping weekend away from city lights, and is not well suited for those on a day trip.