Starfest Weather Forecast from the Weathernetwork

An Important Note about Severe Weather.

At Starfest on occasion, severe weather warnings are issued by Environment Canada for the Mount Forest/Durham area. Weather warnings will be passed on via blasts from an air-horn to notify attendees that severe weather is approaching. This usually means a severe thunderstorm with lightning, damaging winds, hail, etc. but Tornado warnings are also possible. Environment Canada issues Weather Statements, Weather Watches, and Weather Warnings. Only Weather Warnings for the Starfest area will be notified by air horn.

If a severe weather warning is issued, please bear in mind that an imminent threat to your safety exists due to the possible presence of lightning. If you can hear thunder, then there is lightning nearby. The best advice we have for campers is to retreat to your cars until the threat has passed.

Please click here for Environment Canada Lightning Safety Tips

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