Starfest 2022 Meals

This year the Starfest foodtruck is being provided by “Chef with a Van” from Durham, Ontario.  Be advised they only accept cash or etransfers.

During the day, a food truck provides light meals and snacks on a pay-as-you-go basis.  They stay open well into the night being commonly referred to as the “Red Light Café”.   Their hours of operation will be:

  • Wednesday - Noon to 2AM
  • Thursday - 8AM to 2AM
  • Friday - 8AM to 2AM
  • Saturday - 8AM to 2AM
  • Sunday - 8AM to 2PM (to be determined)

Adjacent to the truck there is a covered area with picnic tables where you can eat and chat with friends

Saturday Night Dinner

The Saturday Buffet Dinner will not be organized this year.  The Starfest committee is limiting the events in the main tent to presentations.

Restaurants are located outside the campground in Ayton, Mount Forest, Durham, and Hanover.  All within a half hour drive of The River Place.

If you desire a buffet style dinner on Saturday close by there is Pebbles Family Buffet less than 10 minutes away from River Place Campground on HWY 6

But don’t forget to get back in time for the Main Speaker and Photo contest!

Cooking is allowed in the camping area on campstoves and charcoal grills.  Open fires are not permitted.

Because of the large number of people attending Starfest, picnic tables are in short supply.  We suggest you bring your own folding table and chairs.

Local Chamber of Commerce and Restaurants links