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Red Laptop Screen Filter

Using your laptop at night can be a blinding experience for you and the people around you.  The glare of the laptop screen not only destroys your night vision but also interferes with the ability of observers near you to view “faint fuzzies”.  Although night vison mode is helpful in reducing the amount of “observing field light pollution” your computer is producing, there is no better substitute than using a red filter over your laptop screen.  Just like a red filter over your flashlight this allows you to see what you are doing while still maintaining your night vision.

This year Starfest has a limited number of 3mm thick 9.5″ by 15.5″ Deep Red Acrylic Laptop Screen filters available.  This filter is large enough to cover a 15.6″ laptop screen.  They cost $20.  Please order in advance to ensure your Red Laptop Screen Filter.

Red Laptop Screen

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