2024 Rules

To make STARFEST a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, we would appreciate that you (and your dependants) abide by the following.  The NORTH YORK ASTRONOMICAL ASSOCIATION reserves the right to eject any person not willing to comply with these rules of conduct.

  1. WALK DON’T DRIVE while inside the campground.  Its a great way to meet people and make new friends.  When walking on roadways please walk on the left side of the road so that you can see on-coming traffic.  At night please bear in mind that the driver in an on-coming car may not see you as well as you see the car.  Please keep your red flashlight on so you can be seen; never play chicken with the cars.  You will lose.  Always yield the right of way.

  2. DRIVE CAREFULLY.  People and telescopes are everywhere.

  3. DON’T MOVE CARS AT NIGHT unless required by a medical emergency.  If you must move your car, please use red filters to cover your headlights and backup lights.  Red filters are available at the registration desk or in the main tent.

  4. PARKING FOR NON-CAMPERS.  If you are not camping, please park your car in the designated parking area, near the registration tent.  If you have a telescope to set up, please do so in the special observing area set up for non-campers.  Only campers may park in the camping area.

  5. RED LIGHTS AT NIGHT.  White lights are not allowed anywhere in the observing area at night.  Please:
    • Cover your flashlight with a red filter and keep the beam aimed at the ground
    • Cover your trunk and car interior lights with red filters if you are going to be accessing your car during the night
    • DO NOT USE propane or naphtha camping lanterns
    • Shield computer monitors, keep screen intensity to a minimum, and use night vision mode or a red filter.

  6. We strongly request LASERS STAY AT HOME.  While useful in an educational sense, this does not make them any less controversial. 
    • As this is a dark sky location, we have implemented a zero tolerance policy, no laser beams at Starfest after midnight.
    • There is some air traffic in the area and your trip to Starfest could get unexpectedly expensive.  The Aeronautics act prohibits project[ing] a bright light source ...  to create a hazard to aviation safety or cause damage to an aircraft or injury to persons on board an aircraft.  The maximum penalty is a $5,000 fine.

    • Conduct which is offensive and disturbing to others
    • Loud noise or music
    • Excessive consumption of alcohol or use of other intoxicating substances.

  8. STARFEST IS AN ASTRONOMY CONFERENCE ... NOT A ROCK CONCERT.  You are encouraged to share your interest in astronomy, not your taste in music.  Please use headphones if you must observe with music.

  9. PETS We love them, but would prefer you leave them at home.  If you feel compelled to bring your pet please ensure they are properly restrained, you clean up after them and they do not disturb others at Starfest.

  10. PLEASE RESPECT THE PRIVACY OF THE SEASONAL CAMPERS.  Do not trespass or remove anything from their campsites (seasonal campsites will be clearly marked).

  11. THEFTS CAN OCCUR, so please protect your valuables.

  12. All vendors operating in the River Place Campground during Starfest must be VETTED by the NORTH YORK ASTRONOMICAL ASSOCIATION.

  13. Please obey all River Place Campground rules while at their facility.  The campground implements a “Quiet Time” for all campers from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM.  The campground and their residents are respectful of our rules such as covering their headlights during the week of Starfest and we would request that Starfest participants be respectful of theirs.

  14. Children and Teens.  Parents will be held accountable for the actions of their dependant children while at Starfest.  Please review these rules of conduct with them and ensure they are in compliance.  In particular, its ok to hang out and chill with your friends, but not inside the recreation hall.  The Red Light Caf and Small Tent may be used providing nothing is damaged, nothing walks off and the area is left clean and tidy.

  15. The NORTH YORK ASTRONOMICAL ASSOCIATION, its volunteers, vendors, suppliers and agents do not accept any responsibility or liability for damage or injury to you or your equipment.